Trunk-or-Treat – New Date

New date Oct 30th.

We will also have a Trunk-or Treat event this year on 23-Oct-2020 at the North Oak Christian Church Parking Lot @7:00pm. Come out and decorate your trunk and hand out candy to kids, or just show up; your choice! Your Scout can come dressed in their masks and are permitted to bring toy swords or Staffs as costume props. However, we do ask that they please do not bring toy firearms. We do have a small rule, that if the scout gets rowdy with their prop, they will be confiscated and will only be returned at the time of the Scouts departure. Please do not come to any meeting if you are symptomatic, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, been around someone that is awaiting results, or are yourself positive for COVID-19.

The event is finished.