Pack 4900 – Pinewood Car (Pre-Weigh In) **OPTIONAL**

Pack 4900 – Pinewood Car Optional Weigh-In

What is the Pack 4900 – Pinewood Car Optional Weigh-In?

Families will have an opportunity to bring their Pinewood Cars in a few days early to weigh the cars. Each car cannot exceed 5oz. Some families take this opportunity just to be sure that there car is not too heavy or too light. This is optional, on race day, Official weigh-in starts at 8am; for a 10am program start time.

When is the Event?

Date – 1/21/2020

  • 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Where is the Event?

Location – North Oak Christian Church

How Much is the Event?

Price – Free

What does my Scout Wear to the Event?

Uniform – Class A or Class B

Who can Attend?

This event is a Pack Meeting, so although anyone can attend, it is designed for the Scouts of Pack 900.

The event is finished.