Annual Dues and Re-Charter

Annual national dues and re-charter fees are coming up next month on Oct 1st.The fee this year is $66.00 for National fees, $39.00 for district fees, for a total $105.00. If you are a new member, there will be an additional one-time $25.00 new member fee. Also, Pack Dues are due the same time, the cost of which is $80.00. This year, the district has new payment options through ScoutPay, which will allow you to break up payments for the National and District fees into 1, 2, or 3 payments.

The ScoutPay website is:

The annual Pack Dues can be payed all at once, or broken up into two payments of $40.00. (Once at recharter, and the second payment in December.)

Full Annual Pack Dues – $80

Annual Pack Dues Part 1 – $40

Annual Pack Dues Part 2 – $40

Annual Dues and Fees through the Pack- Custom Amount

National and District Fees through the Pack – $105

National and District Fees through the Council – ScoutPay

The event is finished.